We Have Coastal Connecticut’s Best Selection of Quality Used SUVs

July 26th, 2018 by

If you’re looking for a well-maintained, fairly-priced pre-owned SUV in the greater New Haven area, then you should make every effort to visit the team here at Old Saybrook Hyundai. SUVs are tremendously popular, and the trend shows no sign of easing as more and more families discover their capability and versatility. That’s why we offer an intriguing used SUV inventory, with a variety of models that are sure to please picky car shoppers.

There are many reasons that people are choosing SUVs over coupes, sedans, and pickups these days. Here are the top three we’ve discovered:

SUVs are capable of transporting many more passengers than cars or trucks can manage. If you have a large family, an SUV allows you to travel in one vehicle — which is clearly more affordable than taking a road trip in two or more cars.
If you enjoy spending time outside, SUVs are the ideal choice. They can accommodate significantly more gear than cars can, allowing you to take more luggage, toys, and supplies with you. SUVs also have greater towing capability than cars, meaning you can bring the boat or ATV along for the fun. Many SUVs have been designed specifically to take to off-road conditions with ease and comfort, which is not something that can be said about most cars.
Finally, SUVs are usually safer than cars due to their size advantage. The added height, weight, and safety features help protect you and your family if you should get into an accident, whereas you may not be as well-protected in a car.
To learn more about our selection of used SUVs, or to arrange for your convenient test drive, contact Old Saybrook Hyundai and ask to speak with a member of our team.