What is Hyundai SHIFTRONIC® Technology?

2021 Hyundai Elantra

If you’re looking through the new Hyundai inventory, you might notice SHIFTRONIC® listed on the specs sheet of many popular models. So, just what is Hyundai SHIFTRONIC® and why is it such a great addition to your Waterford driving experience? Hyundai SHIFTRONIC® is an exclusive transmissions system that allows you to switch between automatic and manual transmission styles whenever you’d like. Plus, this technology prevents stalling and over-revving to smooth out your performance.


Your Hyundai will stay in automatic transmission mode until you activate the Hyundai SHIFTRONIC® system. If you want to switch into manual transmission, move the shift lever into the SHIFTRONIC® gear position. It’s as easy as that. Not sure how to use SHIFTRONIC®? Here are the simple steps:

  • Regular Gear Shift: Pull the lever backward to downshift. Push the shift lever forward to upshift.
  • Paddle Shifters: Press the “+” button to upshift with your paddle shifters. Press the “-” button to downshift.

When Should I Use Hyundai SHIFTRONIC®?

Now you know how to use SHIFTRONIC®, but why should you use this technology on the Waterford roads? This transmission system can improve everything from handling to fuel economy. Let’s take a look:

  • Added Control: If you run into tough road conditions, SHIFTRONIC® can give you extra control – and extra peace of mind. Just downshift to lower your speed and minimize your risk of skidding.
  • Better Acceleration: If you need to accelerate in a flash, SHIFTRONIC® can actually help you speed out of harm’s way more quickly – like in the case of a potential collision.
  • Easy Deceleration: Instead of applying the full braking power, just downshift for smoother deceleration.
  • More Fun: Manual transmissions aren’t just efficient and precise, but they’re also lots of fun on the Branford roads!

Find Out More with Old Saybrook Hyundai

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