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Get Ready for Spring with Professional Hyundai Spring Service

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​Spring is finally here, which means that we can look forward to warmer weather, longer days, and overall a livelier-looking world around us. Of course, spring is also the perfect time to hop on scheduling routine maintenance for your vehicle so that you can make sure that your Hyundai made it through winter all right and that it's prepared for the transition into spring.

Fortunately, spring service is a specialty of ours here at our Hyundai service center, so if you're ready to whip your vehicle into shape for a new season, we have your back. Here are…

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Keep Your Car in Good Shape with Spring Service in Old Saybrook

While this year’s winter has often been unrelenting, it’s finally winding down to its bitter end and spring service needs should be close to the top of your priority list. Whether this is your first spring as a car owner or just another season for your Hyundai model, it’s important to stay on top of your vehicle’s needs before they become issues. Fortunately, our staff at Old Saybrook Hyundai has a few tips for keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape...

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Prepare for Warm Weather With a Seasonal Service Appointment

Spring has arrived in Old Saybrook, Connecticut and the long and hot days of summer weather are just ahead. Prepare for the warmer weather in our near future by scheduling a seasonal Hyundai service appointment at the Old Saybrook Hyundai Service Center!

Spring Into the Season With Our Hyundai Service Center Tips

  • Replace any dirty filters, including the air filter and fuel filter. When you have dirty filters, your car’s air conditioning unit and engine do not run in top condition.
  • The flowers are in bloom, giving us a daily dowsing of pollen.
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