When Buying a Used Vehicle, It's Best to Come Prepared -- Just Follow This Simple Checklist

If you've been out to Groton or New London lately, over to Branford, or even down to New Haven in search of that one used car or SUV that stands out from the rest, you've probably found that one thing's for certain: there's much to consider, and even more models to choose from, especially here on Middlesex Turnpike. Where does one possibly begin? Take a few words of advice from our Old Saybrook, CT Hyundai dealer, and you, too, can look forward to a pre-owned buying process that's informative, rewarding, and most of all, fun.

First, get a feel for the options around you. If your needs are wide-ranging, keep them open, and ask yourself plenty of questions. Make a list of what you're looking for in a pre-owned car or SUV based on the latter, e.g., "How much passenger space do I need?", "The family's pretty big; what kind of storage capacity should I be looking at?", "I commute pretty far up the highway. Should I go for something with high fuel efficiency?", "I'm new to driving, so safety is my top concern. What driver-assist features are helpful starting out for developing the right driving habits?", etc.

Hit the Internet and search sites like Autotrader.com and KBB.com to learn more about the vehicles that best answer them. These contain model information galore, allowing side-by-side comparisons and providing reviews from both your fellow drivers and the experts. They also deliver reliable, fair, and market-driven value data. Be sure to take a few notes!

Choose models, lay out a budget, and combine your vehicle research into a handy file. When it's time to head to a used car dealership like ours here in the Old Saybrook area, you can take peace of mind in knowing what you like, what you're looking for, and how to make the used car buying process go as smoothly and enjoyably as possible. You should take with you:

  • That prospective sedan, hatchback, wagon, or sport utility's 17-character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • A CARFAX Vehicle History Report outlining its ownership and maintenance details
  • Your credit report: be sure to make a copy if you're planning to finance with a car loan or lease, for example, through our Hyundai dealership
  • Info on any loan pre-approval, any quotes on pricing, insurance, or an extended warranty
  • Trade-in value information on any you might be making

Since there'll be both a dealer vehicle inspection and that long-awaited test-drive to take, make notes on these experiences, too. Later, when you're looking at what you thought, how you felt, and so on, you'll be glad you did!

Looking for more pointers? Stop in and visit us here at Old Saybrook Hyundai today and have a chat with a member of our expert staff. We'll help you get a hands-on sense of what you need with a test-drive or two you're sure to remember.